We specialise in the production of printed stretch film and printed bagging films. We also have the ability to produce, cut and tailor-make all kinds of products and quality materials with our wide range of equipment for use in both manual and automated wrapping processes.











TE Pack sells all kinds of packaging products and packaging systems for the transport and storage of goods, both for small companies and large multinationals.

Fast delivery

What’s in for you with us at TE Pack? Reliability. We anticipate your needs. Thanks to our large production and rewinding capacity and our spacious stock and storage facilities, we stand out by offering an unmatched fast delivery service.


We produce, handle and sell all kinds of products related to industrial packaging, from stretch film, LDPE sheets, PP and PVC strapping, corner/edge protectors and adhesive tapes, and all kinds of packaging products for transport. We are also authorised distributors of Robopac for the commercialisation and repair of its end-of-line machinery.

> Stretch Film

Protects and secures pallet loads during transport and storage based on the load’s stiffness, weight, volume and behaviour.

> Adhesive Tapes

A common affordable solution with our broad range of adhesive materials for all uses.

> Polythene Sheets

For all uses.

> PP and PVC Strapping

To best ensure the integrity of the load against potential damage during transport, we have a wide range of strapping bands in stock.

> Robopac

Machines and robots to automate packaging and palletising. We are distributors of Robopac.

> Other solutions

Accessories, corner/edge protectors, raffia bags, dispensers, big bags, …


> Customer Service

We help you select the products and their characteristics that best suit your needs. At TE Pack we have been doing this for more than fifteen years, and we know how to find the perfect solution to satisfy your requirements.

> Technical Support

We are distributors of Robopac, the best manufacturers of packaging robots, and we provide technical support for their maintenance.

> Pricing

Because we want you to get the most out of your packaging investment, we offer first class products at a very good price. This is how we have managed to win over the trust of more than two thousand five hundred customers who rely on us to prepare their packaging.

If you need, at TE Pack we have the “Pay Per Pallet” fare, to help you cover the cost of your machinery for use and consumption consumables. You can also choose to lease packaging robots or baling machinery.

> Consultancy

At TE Pack we study your product, the machinery and materials you use for packaging and your processes so that you can achieve the most efficient packaging at the lowest possible cost. Check out our list of services.

> Investment

We keep growing because we never stop innovating and improving. We continuously invest in technology, production equipment and in the improvement of industrial processes, such as implementing the BCR quality system for printing on food contact materials.

> Environment

At TE Pack we offer our clients state-of-the-art plastic materials manufactured with the aim of reducing thickness and making packaging systems more sustainable with less material, thus saving costs and restricting the impact of our activity on the environment.

We recycle industrial materials during our production processes. For example, we have established a circular recycling loop for cardboard and we have developed our own Integrated Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standards.


Since 2018 we operate on global premises of more than 13,000 square metres at El Brizo industrial estate in Aldemayor de San Martín. The building of new warehouses equipped with the latest printing equipment and storage areas will allow us to handle larger volumes of orders at a greater speed and with the same sustained continuity in quality improvement. Likewise, we have a 4,000-square-metre port buffer warehouse in Valencia. Our export network for the distribution of our products in the EU is coordinated directly from our corporate offices located in the Principality of Monaco.